From humble beginnings to award-winning preserves and other produce

Farmers Food begins with preserves at home

Farmers Food at Home began when local foodie Anne-Marie Harries offered jars of home-made jam, chutney, and preserves for sale from the counter of the family pub.

With an abundance of home produce available one bumper summer, along with blackberries gathered from Pembrokeshire’s hedgerows, Anne-Marie jumped at the opportunity to perfect her jam, chutney, and preserves recipes.

It’s a Sugary Sell Out!

Those first few jars sold out immediately, and it was at that point that Farmers Food at Home became more than just a hobby – it became the popular preserves brand you all know today.  The next step was to make the products more widely available: Farmers Food at Home is now regularly available at craft and produce fairs within Pembrokeshire and has recently also become available in some of the county’s prominent shops, cafes, and hotels.  For more information on which fairs we’ll be attending, please follow us on Facebook.

The Secret Recipe for Success

What is the tasty secret of the success of Farmers Food at Home? It’s really simple: these are jams, chutneys, and preserves that are just very, very good. Customers buy a jar to taste and then always come back for more. That’s down to the honesty of the rural flavours teamed with the care that’s taken in creating the preserves as well as the attractive, eye-catching packaging.  There is an impressive range to choose from, too, from traditional recipes to flavours from further afield, but all sourced right on the back doorstep.

Anne-Marie now offers over 25 different varieties of jams, marmalades, and chutneys, including the Great Taste award-winning summerberry jam, rhubarb and ginger jam, courgette and tomato chutney and one of our most popular products, the cheeky chilli jam; you really do need to try this to appreciate just how good it is.

We’re gonna need more jars!

In 2019, Farmers Food at Home was so popular that we needed to move into custom-built premises to continue meeting our increasing demand.  And despite the adversity that 2020 has brought, we’re delighted to have used the time to open our flourishing farm shop, The Paddock, and be able to offer a wider range of fresh produce alongside our famous preserves and everyday essentials to make sure that our local community, as well as the usual preserves for those further afield via our online shop, have access to nutritious, tasty, healthy food to keep us all going through the winter and beyond.